Residential Cleaning

With over 10 years of experience Ariclean Residential Cleaning Services has trained personnel that will attend to your specific house cleaning needs. We will make sure that our trained cleaning team goes into your home and follows our already in place steps to follow in the effectiveness of our natural cleaning services. If you are going to use us for a single time or if we are returning on a regular schedule, be certain that our overall home cleaning system will be 100 % to your satisfaction every time.


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  • Weekly Cleaning Service
  • Bi-weekly Cleaning Service
  • Quarterly Cleaning Service
  • Monthly Cleaning Service
  • One-Time Clean Move In/Out
  • Before/ After Party
  • In-Laws in Town
  • Regular Service
  • Deep-Clean/ Full Service
  • Fill-In Service (kitchen & bathrooms)


We have included a list of some of the things that you can expect to get cleaned during our visit to your home: Bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Entertainment room, Nursery room, Home Office, etc.

All Bedrooms: 


  • Light general straightening
  • Make beds every visit
  • Dust/Wipe sills, ledges, vents
  • Wipe wall hangings
  • Dust/Wipe/Clean and return all decor
  • Dust light/ceiling fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust/Wipe/Clean blinds/shutters
  • Wipe/Clean window sill and track
  • Dust/Wipe baseboards
  • Wipe/Clean/Disinfect doors/frames and switch plates
  • Vacuum and Wet or Dry mop floors
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Vacuum carpet (including under furniture, if accessible)
  • Entry door/glass doors cleaned
  • Trash emptied and trash bags replaced (small bags)
  • TV and computer screens light cleaning



Bathrooms & Laundry:


  • Disinfect/Wipe/Clean bathroom trash cans
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust/Wipe/Clean sills, ledges, vents, wall hangings
  • Shine/Clean mirrors
  • Clean/Wipe counter items
  • Clean/Wipe countertops and backsplash
  • Clean/Disinfect sinks and pedestals
  • Wipe/Clean soap dishes
  • Clean/Disinfect/Wipe toilets
  • Showers and Tubs scrubbed (we direct First Class attention on cleaning tiles, grouts, glass, and floors)
  • Shower door given extra attention
  • Mold naturally treated
  • Dust/Wipe/Clean baseboards
  • Wipe/Dust/Clean blinds/shutters
  • Bathroom cabinets wiped down
  • Shine/Clean all faucets and handles
  • Wipe/Clean/Disinfect Doors/frames and switch plates
  • Vacuum and Wet or Dry mop floors
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Trash emptied and trash bags replaced (small bags)


The Kitchen:

  • Clean/Disinfect inside and top of microwave
  • Clean/Scrub and disinfect sink
  • Clean/Wipe appliance exteriors
  • Cabinet spots cleaned
  • Clean/Wipe countertops and backsplash
  • Wipe/Clean Doors/frames and switch plates
  • Shine/Clean all faucets/handles
  • Wipe/Clean/Dust  kitchen table/chairs
  • Wipe/Dust/clean blinds/shutters
  • Knick knack areas dusted
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Wipe/Clean/Dust baseboards
  • Wipe/Dust sills, ledges, vents
  • Wipe/Clean wall hangings
  • Wipe/Clean window above kitchen sink
  • Wipe/Clean sliding glass/French doors in/out
  • Detailed cleaning in high-use areas
  • Vacuum and Wet or Dry mop all floors
  • Trash emptied and trash bags replaced (small bags)



Additional Services Upon Request

(At additional charge)


  • Clean all windows (interior only)
  • Vacuum Sofa Cushions
  • Clean/Organize inside closets
  • Clean inside cupboards and drawers
  • Oven cleaning
  • Refrigerator inside cleaning


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