Construction Clean-up

We can come in and help with cleaning up a small area after you have remodeled any room in your home. If you are just finished with an entire new home. Are you moving out or moving into a new residence allow our Cleaning Professionals to take care of that cleaning task for you. We can come and meet with you to give a face to face FREE ESTIMATE.


Call us or email us today to set-up your estimate appointment. It will be our pleasure to help in cleaning the area so you can enjoy your new place worry free.


  • Windows
  • Remove all window labels
  • Vacuum tracks
  • Wash and shine interior of all windows and glass doors including frames, sills and tracks
  • Cabinets/Drawers/Shelving
  • Vacuum and wipe clean interior of all closets, cabinets, drawers, vanities and shelving
  • Clean exterior of all closets, cupboards, drawers, cabinets, vanities, shelving and countertops
  • Trim/Doors/Walls
  • Clean all baseboards, tops of doors, molding, wood base and casing
  • Dust or vacuum walls as needed up to height of 12 feet
  • Clean all interior doors and handles
  • Clean the inside of all exterior doors including thresholds
  • Plumbing fixtures/Appliances
  • Clean all tubs, toilets, lavatories, kitchen sinks, utility room sink and appliances
  • Clean and shine all plumbing fixtures and related trim including medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories
  • Remove temporary protection labels not required to remain
  • Place all operating manuals in kitchen drawers
  • Heating Ducts
  • Remove debris from heating/cooling ducts (floor vents only) and vacuum out as far as vacuum hose will reach
  • Electrical/Lighting
  • Wipe tops of all electrical outlet covers and switch plates
  • Clean and shine all electrical fixtures and trim
  • Wipe down water heater and water valve box in washer/dryer area
  • Floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas including wall edges and baseboard ledges
  • Vacuum/mop all hard surface floors in the house